Thursday, December 23, 2021

The Activity of Ruth

Ruth 2:1-23


In this chapter, we see the activity of Ruth. What did she do when she came to a new land and what was her purpose?


She Gleaned

When the barley and wheat were fit to be collected, gatherers were employed out to chop down the stalks and tie them into packs. Israelite law directed that the corners of the fields were not to be reaped. Likewise, any grain that was dropped was to be left for the gleaners, those destitute individuals who gathered it for their food (Leviticus 19:9, 23:22). The reason for this law was to take care of poor people and keep the proprietors from hoarding. This law filled in as a sort of government assistance program in Israel. Since she was a widow without any method for maintaining for herself, Ruth went into the fields to gather the grain.

Ruth made her home in an unfamiliar land. Rather than relying upon Naomi or trusting that favorable luck will occur, she stepped up to the plate. She was not terrified of conceding her need or endeavoring to supply it. When Ruth went out to the fields, God provided for her. During the times that we are waiting for God to move, he might be waiting for us to venture out, in taking the first step, to exhibit exactly how significant our need is.


She Tarried

Ruth's undertaking, however modest, tiring, and demeaning, was done steadfastly. What is our disposition when the assignment that we have been performing is not to our actual potential? The job needing to be done might be everything that could be done, or it could be the work that God needs us to do. Or then again as for Ruth's situation, it very well might be a trial of our temperament that can open up new opportunities.

In addition to the fact that Ruth took the initiative to work, she buckled down. There are times when challenging work with little reprieve is our main choice. Boaz saw Ruth's diligent effort. Had she viewed herself as excessively glad or humiliated to work, she would have botched the chance of meeting Boaz, completely changing her, and turning into the precursor of a king and the Messiah.


She Fell on Her Face

Outsiders or foreigners were not always heartily invited in Israel, however Boaz readily welcomed Ruth, since she had gained notoriety for giving grace and liberality to other people. Boaz was so dazzled with Ruth that he let her follow straightforwardly behind his harvesters to get the choicest grain that was dropped.

Ruth's previous activities were a report card by which others appraised about her. Her great reputation was her most significant resource. It came because of her persistent effort, her solid moral personage, and her affectability, generosity, and dedication to Naomi. A decent reputation is based upon God-respecting character and generosity toward others.

Ruth's life showed honorable characteristics: she was persevering, cherishing, kind, dedicated, and courageous. These characteristics acquired for her a good reputation, however simply because she showed them reliably in all aspects of her life. Any place Ruth went or whatever she did, her character continued as before.

Our reputation is shaped by individuals who watch us at work, around town, at home, or at church. A good reputation occurs by reliably demonstrating the characteristics that we have confidence in, regardless of the group of individuals or environmental factors that we are in.


She Sat, She Ate, She Rose

The characters in the book of Ruth are exemplary instances of good individuals in real life. Boaz went a long way past the plan of the gleaners' law in showing his graciousness and generosity. In addition to the fact that he let Ruth gather in his field, he additionally advised his laborers to let a portion of the grain fall deliberately in her way. Out of his plenitude, he accommodated the poor. How frequently do we go past the acknowledged examples of accommodating those less fortunate? We ought to accomplish more than what is required with regards to helping other people.


She Gleaned

Naomi had felt a bit bitter (1:20-21), however her confidence in God was as yet alive, and she praise God for Boaz's graciousness to Ruth. In her distresses, she actually confided in God and recognized God's integrity. We might have a harsh outlook on a circumstance; however, we should never surrender to despair about God's work in our lives. Today is consistently another chance for encountering God's consideration.


She Kept Fast

Although Ruth might not have consistently perceived God's direction in her life, he had been with her at all times. She went to gather and coincidentally ended up in the field possessed by Boaz who incidentally turned out to be a direct relation. This was something other than a simple coincident. As we approach our everyday assignments, God is working in our lives in manners that we may not take note of. We should not close the entryway on what God can do. For the Christian, situations do not “just happen” by karma or occurrence. We should have faith that God is coordinating our lives to fulfill his plans.

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