Thursday, December 30, 2021

The Praying Prophet

 Jonah 2:1-10


Fear the God – Respect 2:1-9


At the beginning of chapter 1, we see Jonah as The Protesting Prophet. He did not want to go to Nineveh as directed by God. It is noted in verse three that he “rose up to flee…from the Presence of the Lord.” Jonah had sinned by running from God. However, we can see that although Jonah had sinned, the sailors prayed to God and were spared. Now we come to chapter two where Jonah prays from inside the great fish.


Verses 1-7:

This is a petition of thanksgiving, not a supplication for liberation. Jonah was grateful that he had not been drowned. He was conveyed in a most staggering manner and was overpowered that he had gotten away from an unavoidable death. Indeed, even from inside the fish, God heard Jonah’s petition. We can pray no matter where we are at and whenever, and God will hear us. Our wrongdoing is never too incredible nor is our issue ever excessively hard for God to deal with.

Jonah said, "When my soul fainted within me I remembered the Lord" (2:7). We regularly act the same way. When life is working out in an effective way, we will more often than not underestimate God, yet when we lose trust in our life, we then shout out to him. This sort of relationship with God can result in just a conflicting spiritual life. A steady everyday dedication to God advances a strong relationship with him. We are to look to God during both the great and the terrible occasions, and we will have a more grounded spiritual life. (Psalm 18:6; 130:1; 142:3)


Verses 8-10:

The individuals who worship false idols are forsaking any expected leniency from the Lord. Any object that we put our devotion in that replaces God is a lying vanity. We mislead ourselves with something that is foolish and empty. We should ensure that nothing assumes God's legitimate position in our lives.

Jonah was clearly not in a situation to make a deal with God. In lieu, he expressed gratitude toward God for saving his life. Our inconveniences should cause us to stick firmly to God, and not try to negotiate a deal to get out of the torment. We can give thanks to him and offer our praise to him for how he has helped us by his mercy and grace, and for loving toward us.

It took a supernatural occurrence of liberation to get Jonah to do as God had told him to do. As a prophet, he was committed to submit to God's Word, however, he had attempted to get away from his obligations. He currently swore to keep his promises (Deuteronomy 23:21; Psalm 50:14). Jonah's story started with a misfortune, yet a more noteworthy misfortune would have occurred assuming God had permitted him to continue to run. When we realize that God wants us to accomplish something, we ought not to run. God may not stop and help us as he did with Jonah.

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