Thursday, December 30, 2021

The Preaching Prophet

 Jonah 3:1-10


Now Jonah fulfills his mission as he preaches at Nineveh.


Verses 1-3

Jonah had disregarded God and opposed him, however, God actually showed him sympathy. At the point when we disregard God, he might chastise us, yet he will, in any case, show empathy and pardon us assuming we abandon our wrongdoings.

Jonah fled from God, yet he was allowed a second opportunity to partake in God's work. We might feel that we are excluded from serving God due to some previous mishaps. Nevertheless, serving God is anything but a procured position. Not a solitary one of us fits the bill for the service of God, yet he actually requests that we complete his work. We may yet get another opportunity.

Jonah was to preach just what God told him, a message of destruction to the most impressive city on the planet. This was not the best task, but the individuals who carry God's Word to others ought not let prevalent burdens or feeling of dread toward others direct their words. They are called to preach God's message and his truth, regardless of how disliked it could be.

The Hebrew text sees no difference amongst the city appropriate and the regulatory locale of Nineveh which was around 30 to 60 miles across. The walls of the city were something like eight miles in boundary, obliging a populace of around 175,000 individuals. An incredibly extraordinary city, it required three days to simply stroll through it.


Verses 4-9

God's message is for everybody, all of humanity. Notwithstanding the insidiousness of the Ninevite public, they were receptive to God's message, and they repented of their sins right away. In the event that we just basically announce what we know of God, we would be amazed at the number of individuals that will actually listen.


Verse 10

The unbelieving individuals of Nineveh accepted Jonah's message and apologized. What a supernatural impact that God's Word had on these malevolent people. Their apology remained as a distinct difference to Israel's hardheadedness. The people of Israel had heard many messages from the prophets, yet they would not atone. The people of Nineveh simply heard God's message once. Jesus said that at Judgment Day, these Ninevites will ascend to censure the Israelites for their inability to apologize (Matthew 12:39-41). It is not our becoming aware of God's Word that satisfies him, yet our reacting loyally to it.

God reacted in leniency by dropping the punishment that he would deliver. God himself said that any country on which he articulated judgment would be saved assuming they atoned (Jeremiah 18:7-8). God pardoned Nineveh similarly as he had excused Jonah. God's reason to mete out judgment is to correct the wrongs that people have committed, not as vengeance. He is dependably prepared to show empathy to anybody ready to look for him and come to him with a repenting heart.

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