Wednesday, December 22, 2021

The Punishing Rod Part 3

Habakkuk 3:1-13

Here Habakkuk’s prayer is like a psalm in which he is asking for God to remember mercy in his wrath as he revives his works. Habakkuk offers praise for the past deliverances of God when he brought salvation to his people and the wicked received judgment. Habakkuk gives his profession of faith. He trembled at what he heard but he still expressed his faith in God. And although trouble would come, he would still rejoice in the Lord’s provided strength.

This is faith glorying in assurance.

Habakkuk’s Prayer: 3:1-13

Habakkuk commended God for addressing his inquiries. The evil will not continually win; God is in charge, and he can be totally trusted to justify the individuals who are dedicated to him. We should discreetly sit tight for him to act (3:16).

Habakkuk realized that God planned to discipline Judah and that it was not going to be a charming encounter. In any case, he acknowledged God's will, requesting help and kindness. Habakkuk did not request to get away from the discipline yet acknowledged the truth that Judah needed to learn something with an example. God actually chastises his children, in love, so as to bring them back to him (Hebrews 12:5-6). We ought to acknowledge his discipline readily, and request that he assist us with transforming and growing.

In verses 3-16, Habakkuk paints the image of God conveying his people out of Egypt in the sensational Exodus (Exodus 14). God's magnificent power is not confined to making grand miracles; he additionally utilizes it to execute uprightness and equity. It is not sufficient to be awed by God's power. We really want discipline to figure out how to comply and live for him.

The failure of the crops and the death of the livestock would pulverize Judah. Yet, Habakkuk asserted that even in the midst of starvation, he would in any case celebrate in the Lord. Habakkuk's sentiments were not constrained by what was happening around him however, his conviction in God's ability invigorated him. When nothing seems right, and when inconveniences are beyond what we can bear, we should recall that God provides strength to us. We should remove our eyes from our hardships and look to God.

God will give his believers surefooted certainty through troublesome times. They will run like deer across the harsh and hazardous landscapes. At the appropriate time, God will bring justice and free the universe of all evil. Meanwhile, God's children need to live in the strength of his Spirit and be assured about his definitive triumph over evil.

Habakkuk had asked God for what good reason bad individuals thrive while the good ones suffer. God's response: they do not, not over the long haul. Habakkuk saw his own impediments rather than God's limitless control of the relative multitude of world's situations. God is alive and in charge of the world and its happenings. We cannot see all that God is doing, and we cannot see all that God will do. In any case, we can be guaranteed that he is God, and he will make the wisest decision. Knowing this gives us certainty and trust in a befuddling world.

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