About Me

 God called me into the ministry over 20 years ago and I have had the blessed opportunity to preach for a church radio broadcast, served as a Sunday School teacher, served as a youth director along with my wife, as a music director, as an Associate Pastor, and as an Interim Pastor.

 I prefer a traditional country church worship service, where the 1611 King James Version (KJV) is utilized, and the music comes from the old red back church hymnal.  

My favorite style of music is Southern Gospel and Bluegrass Gospel, but I do enjoy Praise / Worship, and Contemporary Christian music as well.

A church service does not need to be so rigid that it follows a strict regime. Too many churches pass out a "menu" of what and how the service will go. There needs to be an order in a worship service, but when a man starts dictating everything that goes on during the service, it leaves out the opportunity for the Holy Spirit to move. And, if the Holy Spirit cannot move in the service, hearts will not be touched, souls may not be saved. 

I served in the US Navy as a Chief Hospital Corpsman for over 30 years of combined active and reserve service and I retired from the Navy in October 2019.  

My wife and I attend worship services at First Church of God Madison, in Madison AL.


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